Monday, May 13, 2013

Patio Party Table with Built In Beer/Wine Ice Coolers

Detailed instructions and photos are now available!!  Please follow the link to Remodelaholic to find them!

We built this patio table with flower boxes set down inside of them.  You could put drinks, dips, or even flowers in them.  Fill them with water and throw some floating candles in there!                             
Patio Table with covers on
Covers remove
Patio table with ice chests

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  1. how did you build it, especially sink the flower pots and make the covers level with top of picnic table?

    1. We created a lip made of 1x4 cedar for the flower box edge to rest on. That 1x4 lip was mounted below the surface to an exact depth so that when you put the lid on, the top would be totally flush.

  2. Very nice. I know my husband would appreciate this table. Maybe he will get lucky and I will build him one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there - great build and plans!! I wanted to try to build 2 smaller tables using a 15x8 planter in each table instead of the two 20x10 in one big table. Is this doable?? Then each table is lighter and I can be more flexible to seating people. If doable, any tips you can provide to scale this down?

    Another question - it looks like you are using kiln dried wood instead of treated wood. Does the spar varnish protect the table enough to withstand the elements of being outdoors 24/7??

    Finally - this question has nothing to do with building the table. But, I see that your table top you used to put on top of the saw horses look strong, stable, and FLAT!!!! I've been trying to find the most inexpensive piece that I can use as a "workbench top" for my saw horses that could withstand the elements. I dont have a garage to work on my builds. What are you using for your workbench top? Any tips/help would be most appreciated.

    Again - excellent plans and will be working on it this week.

  4. Thank you for publishing this build. I built it over this past weekend. It was fun to build and my wife loves it. My ice boxes are slightly different, so i had to make some minor adjustments to it, but other than that, everything was right on. I also made 2 long benches and 2 smaller benches for the ends, so I can sit 8-10 people at once. Thank you again for publishing this table, i wish i could share my pictures with you.

  5. The Planters are 20x10 is that outside to outside or inside to inside?

  6. The materials list shows 5 - 2x8 boards, but the cut list only shows 4. Am I missing something?