Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Mother's Day Gift

Last year, I actually had the foresight to think about a gift for my mom for Mother's Day.  And this time, it wasn't just the night before!
We had all of this barnwood laying around that Brent had picked up with some friends.  It had mostly just been collecting ants in our backyard but I was prepared to repurpose it.
After cutting a board into three equal pieces, I used a Kreg Jig to fasten the boards together from behind.  Hobby Lobby sells pre-cut wood letters in different sizes and fonts, which are easy to paint.  I painted mine with a coat of blue and then rubbed some dark glaze over the top.  For the small lettering, I used oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Mom loved it and it hangs over her fireplace to this day.

Total cost was $22.

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