Friday, August 23, 2013

Marathon Week

Nope, we're not running a marathon.  We tried to train for a 5k once together.  Miserable.  We pretty much just got angry at one another for talking each other into it.  We would jog and argue, saying this was a terrible idea and why were we doing it.  But we got through it.  Jogging is not our thang.  Long walks we can do, bikes we can do, jogging makes us angry.

But it is a marathon work week for us!  If we don't stay on top of our daily to-do list, the siding project won't be complete by the end of Labor Day weekend.  Which means we have to put in some serious hours on the shed in the evenings.  Having our plan in place makes it easy for each of us to know what the evenings accomplishments must be.  Here's roughly how our evenings look this week:

530-6 dinner
6-730 work on the shed
730-745 shower the filth away
745-8 pajama the children
8-815 work on reading skills, then kids to bed
815-830 CANDY CRUSH!!!
830 lights out.

Here are a few pics showing this weeks progress.

This is what our poor innocent siding used to look like.

And here's what it looks like after I get through with it!

Here's one of the windows framed in.


I've got a few nails to pull...

It's a crazy pace but we hope this extra work now will set us up for a more laid back fall.  Brent does need to get his calendar cleared out in time for college football season.

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