Thursday, October 3, 2013

A ReStore Door Score

We have one critical component left to tie up this shed project before winter.  Doors.  By our estimations, we could build some doors for around $200 but we weren't sold on our plans or the quality of door we would end up with.  On a whim, we decided to go to the Habitat For Humanity Restore.  In the past we have found some decent deals there but you really have to know what you're looking for and what the retail price would be to buy it new.  

One thing we always prefer to buy there are mirrors.  They always have a nice selection of frameless mirrors that you can build your own frame for.  

If you have a small project to tile there are usually lots of tile options.  The quantities are very limited so if you ran out, you'd be up grout creek.

This was cool old retro stove they had...

And I actually kind of liked this sink...

A couple sweet light fixtures...and don't worry, there were two of these pink chandeliers that look like they came from a Pizza Hut.  Plenty for everyone!


But the bread and butter of this trip was the door selection.

Brent found a pair of matching doors that we thought could work pretty well.

Then we checked the price.  Wop wop...sad face.  $85 bucks each.  That is no bargain in our eyes.

$85 per door was actually kind of pricey.  But then, like a ray of sunshine, Brent found this sign...

That meant we could get the pair for $85!!  That was a price we could work Brent hauled them off to the checkout.  

We are working on finishing them now but still have a few coats of paint to go.  Hopefully we will have them installed yet this week!


  1. I'm still giggling about "grout creek" haha

    What a steal on those doors; they're beautiful! I struck out on my last Restore trip but I think its time to try again.

    1. Thanks Lisa! The ReStore is very unpredictable - we never know if our trip is going to be a waste of time or a major score. And thanks for following along with us!

  2. The restore here is totes over priced. :( cool doors you picked out!