Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Like To Move It, Move It!

It's done!  No one got hurt, it was kind of fun, amazing and exhausting all at the same time, and it only took an hour.

Before everyone got to our house, we cut the corners of the garage apart with a saws-all.

 When everyone arrived, my dad cut the final pieces loose and we just lowered the wall until we could all pick it up.

Then we carried it through the yard into ours and laid it down.

This is how each wall progressed until we had them all over in our yard.

It was surprisingly smooth to stand them in and bolt them into place.

Everyone left at this point because we had all the walls up that we needed the extra muscle to move.  Unfortunately, our work day didn't end there.  We had to frame up the front of the shed to accommodate the French patio door that will eventually be there instead of a garage door.

There were roof trusses to build - again, thank goodness for my dad and his brain!!  And Brent's dad for his endless energy and enthusiasm.

So ten hours later, this is what we have.

There is a fair amount of scraping that I'll have to do, but I don't mind that - better than buying new siding!

The roof is all braced up for the evening.  Tomorrow we will put the sheathing on and shingles to follow.

Not too shabby, I'd say.  But then again, I'm too tired to talk.  Makes me appreciate my desk job because my dogs are barking tonight!

For those that helped us today, thank you thank you thank you!!  We are so happy to have friends and family willing to help us with what seemed like the impossible.

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