Sunday, August 4, 2013

If Ya Like It Then Ya Better Put A Roof On It

We spent the whole day sheathing the roof.  This part of the process is tough because it is a lot of standing around watching my dad work and do calculations.

Brent does not get excited about leaving the ground, so roofing and hanging Christmas lights is usually my job.  Luckily, Dad and I make a decent team.

When Brent did get on the ladder, I offered the proper spousal support.  I'm always looking for a reason to grab dat butt!

Even though the roof doesn't look very steep, it is.  And add slippery osb to it, plus sawdust and its even worse.  

We also needed to design the rake, which is the part of the roof that overhangs the front of the building.  
So the beginning of ours looks like this now.

Hopefully the exterior will get buttoned up in the next month.  But here's how it looks now.

That was a crazy weekend but we are elated at the progress!

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