Monday, August 12, 2013

Let There Be Light

Huge turn of events!  So we had this panel of windows that came out of the original garage door on the shed.  It is 8 feet long!

We originally thought we could install it on the south facing side of the shed as a bank of windows.  Brent said that would take a ton of new framing and a header since it is so large, so I cried a little.

And then a stroke of good luck, I came across a photo in our Family Handyman magazine and we knew that was the answer.  Well, why not put 8 feet worth of windows in the roof??

I was fully expecting to have to beg and plead with Brent and my dad to do it for me but luckily, they just said "ok"!  It's going to be a great way to let in extra sunlight and what a neat way to repurpose those windows.

We needed to get in framed in so shingling can happen, so we got started Saturday morning.  This is where things get dicey because I had no idea how they were planning to frame here's a bunch of pics of the process.  If you want me to describe it in a few easy steps, here ya go...

1.  Cut hole in roof
2.  Install window

This is where my dad proved high school geometry really can be useful.  But I maintain that this is the ONLY time this has ever happened.

This next one is NOT O.S.H.A. approved.  Dad just thought it would make for a really funny, albeit dangerous, photo op.  I feared for my life while he was giggling like a schoolgirl.

While they worked on the window, I primed the eaves to make it easier to cut in around shingles.

Then it rained...I was so happy because my feet were killing me and they needed a break.  Thats the bad part about having a desk job.  Shingling got started later in the afternoon but I will be back with more pics of that tomorrow.  I need to go prep for the Breaking Bad premier!!  

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