Friday, August 2, 2013

Master of Disaster

My dad arrived back in town tonight-he is the ultimate master of disaster.  You need something demo'd or built, he's the one that can tell you how to do it.  We are lucky to have someone of his expertise to help and guide us through this crazy process.  Love you dad!!

He also enjoys a good quality brew.

He helped remove the rest of the roof structure, garage door, basketball hoop and cut the corner seams of the building.  

We salvaged these two little windows out of the garage walls.  I know a perfect place for them in a certain young lady's living room!

We are also excited about the garage door, of all things!  The top panel was full of windows so we are going to install it in the south wall of the new shop to let a ton of sunlight in.

Tomorrow morning should go smoothly, fingers crossed!!

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