Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Sledgehammer Saga

Deconstruction continued this evening.  I got home from work to discover this.

Brent had removed half of the roof in only an hours time by himself.  I'm beginning to wonder if I slow him down.  We don't seem to work at that pace when I am "helping"!  His extremely well thought out scientific process, was to bang the underside of the roof boards with his sledgehammer, which would pop the nails loose.  While effective, it looked exhausting.

When he came down to take a break, Owen standing with Popsicle in hand says, "daddy, you aren't done yet."  Thanks for noticing Owen.  Hope that refreshing Popsicle tastes good.

Now I just have a few million nails to pull and we can use them to reconstruct the new roof once the garage is moved.

I better get the kids their own hammers so they can help.

Tomorrow night, we have 1/3 of the roof left to go.  Then there is the garage door that needs to be removed, some siding and a sweet basketball hoop.

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