Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Raise The Roof!

Just the opposite, actually.  We started taking off the roof tonight.  Saturday is our day to get this building moved to our yard, so before that can happen we need to completely remove the roof.  The shingles are going in the garbage but our plan is to salvage the planks underneath.

Brent used a pitchfork to peel back a layer of asphalt shingles and then a layer of cedar shingles underneath of that.

While we pull shingles, Brad is hard at work emptying the shed for us.

The kids even pitched in a little bit.  Owen thought every cedar shingle was a sword though so his time spent picking up wood was counter active to the amount of time he spent swinging it around.

Yep, those are their winter mittens.  I don't think they make toddler sized work gloves, it may encourage child labor.

Watch out for those rusty nails kids!  

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