Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Jewelry Screen

One magical afternoon, Brent hauled in an armful of these wooden frames.  My eyes lit up.  Oooohhhhh...the possibilities!

Emma happened to have a birthday party for one of her friends quickly approaching, so we thought it would be fun to turn one of them into a jewelry screen - much like the one I made for my own jewelry a few years ago.

That one in my bedroom was much easier though.  I just had to pick it up off a pile of junk from the side of the road, paint it, glaze it and hang it.  

 This one for Emma's friend was going to involve a little bit more.  We gave it two coats of hot pink paint we had laying around from a previous project.

I remembered I had this cool piece of metal in our garage, another one of Brent's finds.  It had all of these tiny holes in that I thought would translate into polka dots on the pink frame.

I laid the piece of metal on top of the pink frame.

And used this light pink spray paint to give it a light dusting.

Part of it turned out great...

But the metal didn't lay perfectly flat on top of the pink frame, so where the metal had pulled up and away from the frame, the polka dots weren't very defined.

And this upper corner was really blotchy.

If the polka dots had been even all over, it would have been adorable...but this one wasn't meant to be.  I tried to paint over it, but the polka dots kept poking through the layers of paint.  So I scrapped this one and just started fresh with a new frame - luckily I had a ton of them!!

This one got started the same way - 2 coats of hot pink paint...

And instead of polka dots, we hit it with some spray glitter.  Every home in America should keep a can of spray glitter just never know when it's gonna come in handy.

This is what the back side looked like and you can see how it has a tiny space around the inside edge where we could staple the screen material.  And yes, we have a huge roll of screen material in our basement - we use that surprisingly often as well.

Before we wrapped it up for the birthday girl, we staged it with some jewelry to get some pics.  This jewelry screen is pretty small - only about 14 inches square, so it doesn't hold a ton of jewelry, but enough for a little girl.

I used some Christmas ornament hooks, cut in half, for the jewelry hooks.

This picture, of the frame next to a dresser, gives you a better idea of the size.

This was a fun, easy little project - and the birthday girl's mom tells me she loved it!

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