Monday, December 16, 2013

The Kruse's Christmas Wish List

I recently asked Brent this question...if you could whisper anything into Santa's ear, what would you wish for?  Here are some of the dreamy things we would love to put to use.

Porter Cable Router:  A router has a thousand different uses and is crucial for cabinet building.  If you already know what this thing is, scroll down - permission granted.  If you don't know what a router  does, it uses different types of bits to hollow out a piece of wood or material.  For us non-professionals, it's how you get those decorative edges on cabinet doors, picture frames and trim.  You also would use it when applying laminate to countertops as it trims the excess away from the edges.  Still confused on what this crazy tool does?  Stop by some time, we'll give you a demonstration.

SawStop Tablesaw:  Brent is actually saving up for this table saw - but it's pretty spendy so it will take awhile to reach that goal.  If you've never seen one in action, it's pretty sweet.  As soon as the blade touches something that conducts electricity, a brake immediately engages to halt the blade.  What does that mean exactly?  It means if you are sending a piece of plywood through this bad boy and your finger touches the blade, the saw will automatically sense that and stop, only giving you a small scrape instead of confiscating an entire digit!  Brent is big on safety - he is the guy that actually CHOOSES to wear eye and ear protection, so this one is a no brainer for him.  Plus, he's used this brand before and claims it is a great table saw.  

Forstner Drill Bit Set:  These bits are used to drill hinge cut outs in the backs of cabinet door panels, also used for drilling any kind of flat bottom holes you would need.  They are meant to be used with a drill press, so I guess we better ask for one of those too.

Graco TruCoat Plus II:  Ooooohhhhhhh...mama wants this one REEEAAAALLL bad.  I could probably use this thing every day.  That's an exaggeration - maybe every other day.  This paint sprayer is great for small to medium sized projects, since it doesn't hold a ton of paint.  Not only does this work great on woodwork and crafty type projects, we've used something similar to paint two popcorn ceilings.  Have you ever used a roller on a popcorn ceiling?  May as well schedule a massage before you even start because your neck is going to hurt for three weeks.  And you'll be picking paint out your hair for just as long.

The North Face sweatpants:  Because I want to feel classy when I'm too lazy to put on jeans.

The North Face Flannel:  Because I am always freezing cold.

A Townie Bicycle:  This is my absolute dream bike.  Another mom friend of mine has a Townie and she even let me take it for a spin around the playground once.  It was positively dreamy.  I finally knew what it felt like to be one of the cool kids.  Well, a cool mom anyways.  Mine would definitely have a basket though.  And a headlight.

That's not asking for much, right?  I mean, this stuff probably only has a retail value of about $5,000 - and we have been really good this year.  But mom, seriously, it's just the flannel shirt that I really want, ok!!

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