Wednesday, November 13, 2013

House Tour - Main Floor Bedrooms & Bath

Could this house tour get any more exciting??  YOU BET!!  Just kidding, bedrooms are kind of boring.

The main floor has two bedrooms.  At the front of the house is Owen's room - but Emma doesn't like to sleep in her 2nd floor bedroom by herself so they both sleep in this main floor bedroom.  Brent and I prefer it that way anyhow because the upstairs feels so far away from us, should she need something in the middle of the night.  Eventually we will move the beds upstairs to Emma's room, as they come apart into two separate but identical beds, and I'll probably paint them.

Bunk beds are must in this small bedroom.  We looked at furniture stores for awhile and we contemplated building a set - but then my old friend Craig came through for us again.  The set you see below was a lucky break we found on Craigslist.  $70 and a full minivan later, we were the proud owner of these beds.  Let me repeat that...$70 for a set of nice bunk beds + mattresses!  I know what you're thinking - GROSS!!  MATTRESSES FROM CRAIGSLIST??!!  Don't worry, we thought the same thing and had already decided when we were driving to the woman's house to look at them that we would just politely decline the mattresses and only take the framing.  But when we got there, her house was spotless, the mattresses didn't have any kind of "markings" on them and no funny smells.  We knew eventually, our kids would have a night time accident, as every child does.  So we keep waterproof mattress covers on them and so far the children haven't contracted any diseases.  Knock on wood!

The built-ins under the window were already here for us.  I found the baskets at Hobby Lobby.

Somehow I managed to hem these curtains to the correct length.  Don't look closely though, I'm definitely no seamstress.  Clearly you can see that Owen's bedroom windows face the street.

 Guess where the metal animal art came from?  I'll give you two guesses - it's either World Market or Kirklands!

Looking out the door of Owen's bedroom, you can see straight down the hallway to Brent and I's bedroom and that's the bathroom door a few steps down the hallway to the right.

This is our only main floor bathroom.  You could almost consider it a master bath since it is about 6 paces from our bed.  Ahhhh....the joys of a tiny house.

The little white door on the left is a laundry shoot.  Probably one of the best features of the house.  Brent gets mad at me for all the stuff I try to cram in there though.  For example, the comforter from our bed.  He thinks since it is so bulky, that I should just walk it downstairs to the laundry.  I argue that we have a laundry shoot, we might as well use it - as I am shoving my entire arm up to my shoulder down the shoot attempting to cram the comforter through.  I've learned everything will fit down it, just keep pushing and shoving.  Sometimes, I guess the kids must forget that it is a laundry shoot, not a trash can, because occasionally there will be Kleenexes in the laundry pile in the basement that the kids have tossed down.

We've got some major plans for the bathroom.  The question is, when do we tackle it?  It's functional now besides a few cosmetic issues.  I'm guessing it will be pushed to the back burner to move more important projects to the top of the priority list.  I'd like to take away the medicine cabinet and just do a framed mirror on the wall.  Then either a pedestal sink or a small compact vanity.  New flooring and tile  the tub/shower surround.  The bathtub is original so I'm hoping we get to keep it.  It holds a ton of water and since it is a cast iron tub, the water stays hot forever.  

This is one of the original windows from our house we found in our basement when we moved in.  I painted it, glazed it and attached some knobs to hang towels on behind the door.

I picked up these little knobs from Hobby Lobby to put hand towels on.

This is Brent and I's bedroom.  Don't make fun of my bedding, I just realized the bedskirt doesn't match the quilt.  You must think we are barbarians to have a mis-matched bedskirt.  

 We have two windows that let in a ton of natural light since they face east and south.  The matching dressers are from World Market.

One of our favorite things are the wall mounted lamps.  Fancy, like a Super 8, huh?!  But seriously, it means we don't have to put any lamps on our tiny side tables.  No special wiring required either, they just plug in.  The "art" above the bed is just three pieces of scrapbook paper I put in some cheap frames.

My dad helped me make this upholstered headboard about 10 years ago.  I have a few yards of new fabric to re-cover it with, but that's a project for another day.

That's our closet door on the left.  It's tiny but it forces us to get rid of clothing we no longer wear so it doesn't get too full.  The smaller your house, the less you can own.

I found a few of these screens on the curb a few blocks from our house,  I brought them home, cleaned them up, spray painted the screen with a fresh coat of black paint and then painted the frame and glazed it.  Works great to hang my jewelry on.

Just a few family pictures hang in the hallway to the bedrooms.

That completes the main floor tour - I told you I was going to be wordy and use way too many pictures!!!


  1. OMG! You're house is beautiful. Will you come decorate mine for me?! :)

    I love the screen as a jewlery holder, what a great idea!

  2. You have a wonderful home! Thanks for the tour!