Friday, July 12, 2013

Flower Boxes - A Before and After

This is an intriguing post about the growth of plants.  Boring to many, exciting to a few.  I've found, when you plant and water your own plants, you are much more amazed by their growth.  Probably a lot like children.  Before you have kids, people always tell you, "it will be different when it's your own."  When you have to work that hard to nourish something, you want to see "growth".

This spring, we had a terrible ice storm that took down trees and branches all along our street.  At the time it seemed devastating, but now, because there aren't as many leaves to shade our yard, the flowers are doing better than ever.  I used to have to choose plants that were meant for full shade because the trees blocked all of the sunlight.  Now one of our flower boxes is in full sun for over half of the day!

As a side note, impatiens and begonias do wonderfully in shady flower boxes.

Without further ado:



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