Sunday, July 14, 2013

Erasing The Memories

A few months ago we had a terrible ice storm that caused a ton of damage.  

A branch from our neighbors yard fell and brought down the power line to our house and ripped the electrical box off the side of the house.  This is where it used to be.

We hired an electrician to repair it to the tune of around $1,000.  Yikes!!  To bring it up to code, he had to relocate it around the corner, near that blue trash can in the photo.  The day after he had completed his work, the power company turned our power back on.  There must have been a short somewhere in the wires inside the conduit and it began popping and smoking.  Luckily, our neighbors could hear and smell something so they called the fire department and then me, because I was at work.

I came home to a basement, front yard and backyard full of fire fighters and police men.  The siding just ended up with some smoke damage and the electrician came right over to tear out the wiring and do it all over again.  But we were left with this little mess to clean up.

I first tried some soapy water and a scrub pad but that was getting me nowhere, so I turned to the 'ol standby...A Magic Eraser.   The results were incredible.  It only took about 15 minutes of scrubbing and we were left with this.

I still have to repaint this side of the house and the backside where the original electrical box was, but at least this isn't a constant reminder of that terrible day anymore!

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