Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Parade of Homes

Our Spring Parade of Homes is currently going on in Sioux Falls and man o man - am I glad we went, for a few reasons.  This is cheap entertainment for us.  The kids pretty much thought touring these homes was the best thing ever.  We only had an evening to spare so that gave us time to tour 6 houses and the kids were begging to go to more.  This doesn't surprise me as HGTV is Emma's new favorite network to watch and she just brought a piece of paper home from school that said she wanted to be a builder when she grows up.  My heart was literally in a puddle on the floor when I read that.

So here are a ton of photos of some of the amazing things we got to see.  Still can't believe that people get to actually live in these homes that look like they are straight from the pages of a magazine - or Pinterest.

House #1 built by C-Lemme Companies:
Brent works for the company that built these cabinets, so there's a pretty high likelihood that he helped build the cabinet doors.

House #2 also built by C-Lemme Companies.  
Love the finish they applied to the sliding barn door.
Can't decide what's to love more here - the backsplash or the gray cabinetry and corbels.
Ahhh....reclaimed wood mantel?  Yes, please.

House #3 built by Zome's Construction, Inc.  This next house stole my heart and a little of my soul.
This is the master bedroom CEILING!
I wish I would have recorded the kids' reaction when we walked into this bathroom that is the size of our living room and had a bathtub inside of the shower.  Priceless.
This is by far the most beautiful bed I have ever seen.
Look closely at the back wall of the stairwell - it is covered in white tongue & groove paneling.
This is the bathroom in one of the children's bedrooms upstairs.
Beautiful light fixtures were everywhere you turned.
That's a little kids playhouse built in under the stairs.
I couldn't take a great picture of the living room and kitchen because there were too many people milling around, but I did manage this one on the way out the door.  That's reclaimed wood up inside the coffered ceiling.

House #4 built by Mettler Construction:


  1. Very beautiful home. Love these ideas, especially that beautiful modern picture frame. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Would you be able to tell me anything about the office desk? Is it repurposed wood? Is there a way to find out? I love these ideas, too. Thanks. Jo Stackhouse

    1. I wish I knew more about the desk - it's incredible, right?! When we were there, I overheard someone say that the builder of the home also built the desk, so I don't think it's available in any stores.

    2. Thanks, Heidi. I would also like to know who is the manufacturer of the windows in house #2.