Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's funny how the definition of events change as you age.  Case in point...Ladies Night.  In my early twenties, ladies night meant half price Long Island iced teas at the bar and the subsequent call to my brother to come pick me up from said bar to get me safely home (in my defense, I THINK that only happened once).  Luckily for all parties involved, ladies night has matured.  At this stage in my life, ladies night is a mellow get together involving crafts and possibly a glass of wine, on a weeknight, that's wrapped up by 9pm...because let's face it...a good nights sleep is much more appealing than a hangover.

My neighbor, Brenda, whom I am grateful everyday for because she is so freaking amazing and supportive and sweet, invited me to her crafting group.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to break in the workshop with an actual ladies workshop so I invited the group to my house.  Hosting workshops like this was one of my dreams for this little building we built...I just had no idea that I would get to try it out so soon!
Since we were only going to have a few hours to complete our projects, Brent and I cut and sanded all of the pieces for everyone before they arrived so everyone could begin painting ASAP.
Everyone started with three blocks in varying sizes and then painted them however they wished.
Brent hung around for a little moral support and lots of goodies.  He also had to drill holes in blocks for those that wanted to make candlesticks.
Some people made pumpkins...
Some made tea light holders...
In between coats of paint, we went inside for snacks and sips - and by sips, I mean wine :)  Usually, alcohol and power tools don't mix, but in this case, Brent was using the power tools, we were only using paint brushes.
Most of the ladies hadn't used glaze before, so that was a fun "lesson" to teach!  They were all surprised at how easy it was and what a big difference it made.
At one point, someone mentioned that this group had been getting together to craft for 15 years (hopefully I remembered that correctly)!  Sara, in the brown jacket, said "Statistically, this group has been together longer than most marriages."  And then Teri, in the black t-shirt in the middle said, "that's because we only see each other once a month."  I've been chuckling about that line for a few weeks now!
It was a great night with a fun bunch of women and I'm hoping this is only the beginning of my hosting duties inside Kruse's Workshop!

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