Monday, January 13, 2014

A Quick Bathroom Update

Back in November, my mom came to us with a problem - her main floor toilet was on it's "last flush" and needed to be replaced.  Normally my dad would take care of this but he was working at an out of town job, which only brought him home on the weekends.  

And in true Kruse formerly Erickson style, we couldn't just replace the toilet...that would be waaaayyyy toooooooo easy.  We figured we might as well paint and replace the vanity top at the same time.  Her current vanity top was starting to show it's age from all of the scrubbing, because my mom, unlike me is an over-cleaner - while I am an extreme under-cleaner.  Wearing something out in my house from cleaning it too often will NEVER be a problem in my house.

Here is what her bathroom looked like before - it's very small so it's very tough to get full photos that show you everything in one shot.

And here's the after, with a lighter tone of paint, new toilet and countertop.

Her faucet was still in excellent condition so we re-used it on the new vanity.

This was one of the easiest, cleanest make-overs ever!  I don't think we've ever really done a job WITHOUT creating a huge cloud of dust - but I guess there's a first time for everything!

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