Monday, September 23, 2013

Rockin' It

Usually "rockin' it" and "Kruse's" aren't found in the same sentence together.  That's about to change, but only for one day, then we'll go back to being nerdy homebodies.

Mulch lines one wall of our shed but the back side and the south side were still just dirt.  The dirt needed to be covered in rock right away to prevent mud from splashing on the siding during rainfall.

Friday night, we took an exciting little field trip out to Hardscapes, where they sell bulk landscaping rock.  When you enter their yard, you drive over a weigh station, which surfaced some embarrassing memories for me.  I have vivid dreams and talk in my sleep...often.  Years ago, I was having a dream that Brent and I's bed was going over a weigh station.  So naturally, they needed to weigh our bed once with us on it and once with us off of it.  Calmly, I explained to Brent that I needed to him to get off of the bed for a minute so we could get weighed.  He proclaimed that I was crazy and that I should go back to sleep.  At this point, I couldn't be reasoned with, so I got angry at him for not following the rules.  He wouldn't budge but I got off the bed and laid on the floor.  While curled in a fetal position on the floor, I realized I actually was having a dream, Brent wasn't crazy, I was.  With my head hung low, I crawled back into bed.  Oops.

One ton of rock and $40 later, we had ourselves a bunch of 1 1/2 inch washed landscaping rock.  I had the absolute pleasure of wheelbarrowing most of that myself while Brent was at work.  Before we started putting rock down, there were a couple of things that needed to be done to prep first.

The kids and I went through and pulled all of the weeds and cleaned out any leftover construction debris.

Once it was cleaned out, some holes needed to be filled and dirt regraded to make sure water would flow away from the structure.

That wire mesh fencing is what we put around the perimeter of our yard to keep rabbits away.  Mama ain't happy when the bunnies eat her plants.

Then we put down a double layer of landscaping fabric to keep weeds and dirt from coming up through the rocks.

And finally, the fun part!  Scooping and wheelbarrowing a ton of rock, literally.  

We totally rocked that rock.  Hopefully we won't have to do that again for a looooongggg time.

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