Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's Get It On

I whispered those sweet words to Brent on Saturday morning.  Too bad I meant that I wanted to get the PAINT color on!  The day had arrived, where things would really start coming together.  Before we could get started, we needed to walk over to our paint store, Diamond Vogel, to get more white trim paint.

We walked through the Scooter's coffee drive up on our way.  Since the four of us aren't big enough to make the drive up sensor register, which I suppose is a good thing, we have to knock on the drive up window every time!  I wish you could see the look on the barista's face when they come to the window.  Let me paint you a picture.  Since I do the ordering, my face is the first thing they see.  No makeup, hair is usually greasy.  Turquoise braces, hopefully without food in them.  A huge grin spans my cheeks because each Scooter's visit is like the best day ever for me!!  Emma is standing next to me but the barista can't see the small child hiding inside all of that crazy red hair.  Owen is in his stroller chanting "hot chocolate, hot chocolate" and Brent looks exhausted because he normally works Saturday mornings at his regular job from 5am to 8am.

As if the morning could get better after a Scooter's visit, it surely does.  Because look at these little beauts I found at the paint store.  For $3.99 each!!  They make perfect crayon and marker holders for Emma and Owen.  I felt like Little Red Riding Hood skipping home with them, minus the berries, red hood and skipping.

I spent Saturday painting trim and got to start painting the actual color on the siding...YEAH!!!  By 1:30pm, it was so hot that I had to quit for the day.  Brent had hung the windows in the meantime.  The first coat of paint was finished by Sunday evening.

She's come along ways in a month!

Hello there, gorgeous, with your sweet little windows open!!

Painting the siding on the dormer was trick-ay trick-ay.  Brent had to hold my feet while I laid on my side/back to get up under there.  Wasn't my finest moment.

I still have to scrape the excess paint off the panes of glass.  

Here's a close-up of the color.  It's called Organic Cotton.  It should get a little richer with the second coat, but this is close to what it will be.

Brent spent Sunday adding stops the the interior of the windows.  Here's what the windows look like without them - see all the gaps around the edges?  We want this shed sealed up Ziploc tight.

Here are what the stops look like.

And here's what that same window looks like all sealed up, caulk and all. 

Our mood can be described as "happy exhaustion" after the weekend progress.  Seeing the paint color go up feels like a huge stepping stone.  THE END IS IN SIGHT!!!


  1. Looks great! I know you were skipping home from Diamond Vogel. ;)

  2. That is just an adorable shed and I'm in awe, Heidi!

  3. I kind of feel like i should string up christmas lights inside and have a little barn dance when its all done.