Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Herre

So take off all your.....never mind.

We were supposed to go camping today with some friends, but some rainy weather derailed us.  When there was a break in the clouds, we headed to the swimming pool.  An hour after getting there, an announcement was made that there had been a "fecal incident" so that was our cue to head home.  

When we got home, there was a project staring us in the face.  It looked like this.

Our old fire pit recently broke while rolling it around the yard.  She was a beaut.

My parents happened to have a rusty older outdoor fireplace they said we could have, but it was gonna take a little elbow grease to get 'er back into shape.  

Brent started by using a multi tool with an angled sander attachment.

After he had sanded off all the rust, he used the air compressor tip to blow off all the leftover bits.  There was still some residue so he put some mineral spirits on a rag and wiped it all down.
Time to paint!  

A few light coats later we were finished.  It only took a few minutes in between coats to dry so it was very fast.

So now we have a refreshed outdoor fireplace for our back patio.

And then Owen asked me to take his picture.

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  1. Looks great! I bet your folks would like it back now. ;)