Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Today we tried to do things for Brent that he enjoyed.  Since it's Sunday, we walked to church, which is a nice leisurely mile, stopping at our favorite coffee shop on the way.  After church we went to my brother's house for a delicious brunch.  From there, we took Brent to a local "aquatic center".  We spent the afternoon on the lazy river, splash park and diving board.  Exhausted and full of sun, we came home to watch a movie together.  I'd like to say Brent and I stayed awake for it...

By early evening the sun had come out from behind the clouds, so we went outside in our swimsuits to get a touch more sun.  Turns out our new concrete makes a perfect sunning patio!  Less than 15 minutes later, with a pile of dirt and forms to tear off staring us in the face, we got to work.  We need to move the dirt pile to fill in around the concrete pad, making sure to slope it away for drainage.  We got a couple wheelbarrows done before it was time to call it a night.  

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